AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a.s. put one of the largest and most advanced smart paint shops in Europe into operation. It filled a niche on the European market which has been lacking a sufficient capacity for high-quality large-sized parts painting so far. We talked about this investment with Jaroslav Habáň, Sales Director of Agrostroj Pelhřimov.

Kopřivnice car factory TATRA TRUCKS a.s. is the oldest manufacturer of means of transport in the world with a tradition going back to 1850, the second oldest worldwide manufacturer of trucks and the third oldest manufacturer of passenger cars. Heavy off-road trucks and combined (for off-road and road) transport vehicles represent the current main production line. Their construction is based on the original Tatra chassis concept with a central support pipe and oscillating, independently suspended half-axles. Such cars are characterised by outstanding throughput on the most challenging terrain under extreme climatic conditions, high reliability, and excellent utility properties.

The company WANZL spol. s r.o. from Hněvotín has experienced three years of very dynamic growth. They have doubled the number of employees, which, in a situation where there are practically no free people on the labour market, was undoubtedly a tour de force. Currently, Wanzl awaits a phase of optimisation and rationalisation of the production process but also plans to strengthen the development department. Managing Director of the company, Roman Adami, provided us with more information.

The Úsovsko Group currently comprises 18 agricultural, food, commercial and industrial companies. In an interview for Reportáže z průmyslu (Industry Reports), we talked with Jiří Milek, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, about the pitfalls associated with the management of such a considerable concern, and other topics.