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7 February 2020
AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a.s. put one of the largest and most advanced smart paint shops in Europe into operation. It filled a niche on the European market which has been lacking a sufficient capacity for high-quality large-sized parts painting so far. We talked about this investment with Jaroslav Habáň, Sales Director of Agrostroj Pelhřimov.
27 January 2020
Kopřivnice car factory TATRA TRUCKS a.s. is the oldest manufacturer of means of transport in the world with a tradition going back to 1850, the second oldest worldwide manufacturer of trucks and the third oldest manufacturer of passenger cars....
2 August 2019
The company WANZL spol. s r.o. from Hněvotín has experienced three years of very dynamic growth. They have doubled the number of employees, which, in a situation where there are practically no free people on the labour market, was undoubtedly a...
6 March 2020
The Trikolóra movement, with its emphasis on tradition, nation, family, work and respect for order on the one hand and free market and low taxes on the other, seems to be a political group that promises the rich to become even richer and the others at least an illusion of solid ground under their feet in today's confusing and unstable world. However, in order to get the votes of voters, besides ideas, money for political advertising is also needed, and in this context, there is always a risk of linking politics with business. Some moments in the brief history of the Trikolóra movement are worth the attention in this respect.
9 January 2020
Coal in the Czech Republic is likely to run out by the middle of the century and classic energy resources will become obsolete. So far there are only theoretical ideas about what is going to replace them. The country's largest energy producer, the...
19 December 2019
Liberal Democratic parties have restored the democracy and market system in Hungary, but Viktor Orbán has answered Hungarians's cry for national emancipation. His success and the faintness of the opposition tempt FIDESZ to concentrate power.
29 March 2019
Logistics is embedded in Škoda Auto already in the most basic division of the company's organizational structure. Belongs to seven primary departments of management. The chief executive of each of these departments represents one member Board of...
29 March 2019
Last year, the plant KIEKERT-CS, s.r.o. in Přelouč celebrated 25 years since the start of its operation. In his interview for Reportáže z průmyslu (Industry Reports), Petr Kuchyňa, Production Director of the company, has evaluated a quarter of a...
28 March 2019
The automotive industry is undergoing dramatic developments, and BRANO GROUP responds to this trend. The company is expanding into the American continent and strengthens its presence in China, but, as Daniel Otáhal (its Business Director) says, the...